Access Potential Deals
(Off Market & MLS)

Unparalleled access to potential deals using ChicagoDealVault that are not readily available to the general public. We have a team of MLS geniuses that analyzes deals for us. Access to our curated selection of off-market deals and uncover hidden treasures with our comprehensive database.

Live & Virtual Showings of Analyzed Properties

Experience the property at your own pace with our on-demand live and virtual tours. Never miss out on the opportunity to find the perfect property tailored to your needs and preferences. We get the good deals and show them for you.

Secure Funding
(Hard Money / Private Funding)

We provide rapid access to capital without the hassle of traditional loan processes. With our expertise, your investment projects are supported by robust financial backing, allowing you to seize opportunities as they arise.

Establish Partnerships
(Joint Ventures)

We identify partners who bring precisely what your venture requires to thrive. Our meticulous approach ensures that your joint venture is not just a collaboration but a strategic investment in your future success.

Education and Support

Equip yourself with the tools and understanding necessary to make informed decisions and thrive in the world of real estate. Our support doesn’t end with the workshops. We offer continuous support, ensuring you have access to resources and assistance whenever you need it.


Benefit from exclusive access to live Q&A sessions, interactive discussions, and real-time problem-solving. Stay ahead in the competitive real estate market by learning, networking, and thriving in an environment tailored to your success.

One-On-One Sessions with Hugo

Hugo meets investors in person every week and provides individualized expertise based on your specific needs and goals. Whether you're looking to buy, sell, invest, or navigate the complexities of real estate transactions, Hugo's deep understanding of the market ensures you receive personalized guidance tailored to your unique situation.


Have a Support Network and Mentors on your team that can make all the difference in the world between success and failure.

Hugo Galicia is a managing broker since 2005. He was a regular individual who only does part-time in real estate. Decided to go full time in 2016 after losing his job. That year became the start of his real estate journey. Together with his wife, Frieda Lila, they co-founded ChicagoDealVault. It is one of the leading real estate automation software in Illinois. It wasn’t enough, he felt he needed to share his experiences and knowledge in real estate. He created the DealVault Academy which was a HUGE SUCCESS and now the DEAL MAKERS BUYING TOUR!


The long wait is over! We are so excited to announce that Hugo’s book entitled “How to Go From Learning to Earning in the Next 90 Days: Real Estate Investing Blueprint” is finally completed. Every page of this book talks about Hugo’s real-life experiences and struggles that many people starting in real estate will relate to. This book will also teach you the practical and proven strategies that real estate investors across the globe are using to build significant cash flow with rental properties.

We are bringing your experience to a new level. We want you to be involved and updated on what we are doing. Getting touch base with everyone on a platform that already worked in our other programs. Being an investor, I want to know how have you been. I am inviting you to a one – on – one meeting. This will be via Zoom or in person (Coco & Blue cafe in Arlington Heights). I would like to discuss the current situation on the real estate market and new opportunities for. I wanted to know what’s holding you back and would like to help you fill in the gaps for you to be successful in real estate today.

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Joining the Deal Makers group is a worthy experience. Now that you know what is in it for you, we also show here the successful properties our members have attained. We provide certificates to honor your work and achievement. You can attain this too! Here are a few of them.

Deal Makers

Vipulsinh Vaghela

Dianne Barnett & Michael Brown

Lance Washington

Pervaiz Mian

Beatriz Mexicano

Diego Espinoza

Leslie Lozano

Luis Leon

Lance Washington

Christine Hsu

David Plata

Home First Realty Inc

Ceili Tapia and Rudy Acosta

Jonathan McCarter

Diego Espinoza

Juan Avalos and Beatriz Mexicano

María Guadalupe Rodríguez & Isaias Vargas

María Guadalupe Rodríguez & Isaias Vargas

Home First Realty Inc

Luis Leon

Home First Realty Inc

Angelique Little

April Hamlet

Jessica Conley

Joanne Williams

Joanne Williams

Joanne Williams

Vipulsinh Vaghela

Ronald Brock

Michelle Walker

Home First Realty Inc

Mark Goodman

Nick Andrews

Vipulsinh Vaghela

Vipulsinh Vaghela

Joshua Goodman

Stanley Ramirez

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Deal Makers

We are extremely experienced and are available for any assistance you may require.

Joining the Deal Makers group is a worthy experience. Now that you know what is in it for you, we also show here the successful properties our members have attained.


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