South-Asian dudes dating Black girls; your views?

The name is pretty self explanatory.

Exactly why I inquired is with a South Asian guy, so I suppose I unconsciously dismissed them because I am a 16 year old black female Londoner, and was certain I didn't discriminate when it came to ethnicity and dating, but I never really saw myself. This is certainly had been all I absolutely fell head over heels for before I had work experience in the hospital for three days, and met this AMAZING Indian doctor who. He had been therefore charismatic, bright, considering, caring, smart; the list continues on. And a lot of importantly, he had been an incredible physician. And instantly, increasingly more Asian dudes are becoming more popular with me, *surprisingly*.

So, to phrase it differently; you consider dating a black girl if you are a South-Asian guy, would? If you should be not, maybe you have ever witness couples that are such?

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