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Differences between single partners and you may married couples inside Catalonia

The new Municipal Code out of Catalonia stipulates you to a couple who happen to live together during the a residential district out-of lifetime analogous to help you relationship are considered stable couples in just about any of your pursuing the times:

  1. When your cohabitation can last for more than two continuous years.
  2. When the, within the cohabitation, he has got a common man.
  3. When they formalise the connection for the a community action.

Differences when considering solitary lovers and you will married people in the Catalonia

It should be borne in mind one to when you look at the cases b) and you may c) there is no minimum ages of cohabitation expected to receive the reputation out of single companion.

It is very crucial one to, regardless if most of the around three of your own above things are considered as solitary partnerships, in practice, developing a collaboration in one mode or some other might have an excellent various other impact.